Project Based (PBV) and Public Housing (PH) Online Application
Important Information

When wait lists open follow these steps to submit an application: To complete this online application form you must have an email. If you do not have an email address, please click one of the following links to create one. A new window will open and you can return to this window after creating a free account.

Use the 'first time visitor' box to complete your application ONLY if you have never completed an online application with GHA.

As an applicant, if you completed an application online with GHA in the past, Please sign in as a "Returning Visitor". Failure to do so, could delay the submission process of your application.

You should be able to complete the application the first time you visit this site. If you are unable to complete and SUBMIT the application the first time you log in, you can return to finish the application as a 'returning visitor'.

Duplicate Applications Will Be Rejected!

It is our responsibility to provide applicants as part of their application for housing, the option to include information on an individual or organization that may be contacted to assist in providing any delivery of services or special care to applicants who become tenants and to assist with resolving any tenancy issues arising during tenancy. Please click here to complete this form. Please print and mail the completed form to the following address:

Greensboro Housing Authority
Assisted Housing
1300-B Ogden Street
Greensboro, NC 27406

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